Hundreds caught in holiday lets scam

LAST UPDATED: 29 Jul, 2009 @ 09:58
Hundreds caught in holiday lets scam

HIDDEN away on a side street of Javea, Valencia, is a PO box, which is thought to be the key to a European-wide holiday letting scam.

The box, one of many at the offices of Total Post, is believed to have received over 300,000 euros in deposits for non-existent holiday lets around Europe.

It is owned by the company Paul Quinn Properties SL, which has allegedly conned at least 100 British families into parting with an average of 3000 euros for holidays across the continent.

The Guardia Civil is now investigating the scam, which could total up to one million euros.

Paul Quinn Properties found its clients through the website, which has now been shut down.

Clients found the website through popular sites such as and

The Guardia Civil is continuing to investigate


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