‘Protected’ building demolished

LAST UPDATED: 22 Mar, 2010 @ 18:29
‘Protected’ building demolished

THE Mayor of Ronda has demolished a ‘protected’ building – using money earmarked for boosting employment.

Under fire Antonio Marin Lara – who passed the controversial Los Merinos golf development – called for the Ministry of Defence’s headquarters to be torn down.

Lara allegedly spent some 605,000 euros of a four million employment budget on the demolition project.

Opposition Izquierda Unida councillor, Rafael Ruiz, explained that he had previously requested a technical report to ascertain the building’s condition several times.

He revealed that the only information he received confirmed the headquarters’ partial decline but recommended just a few repairs.

And IU member of Parliament Gaspar Llamazares has demanded an official explanation for the demolition, stating that the building’s deterioration was only “partial”.

The 19th-Century headquarters were also protected as part of the city’s urban development plan (PGOU).


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