Spain on red alert

LAST UPDATED: 8 Jun, 2010 @ 10:03
Spain on red alert

THE wet winter may return to haunt Spain once more.

For the heavy downpours have encouraged the unprecedented growth of weeds, grass and bushes which will soon dry out.

Experts have warned that this extra undergrowth will increase the risk of dangerous fires breaking out across the province.

They have already classed the situation as an “extreme risk” while the Department of Environment recently launched a fire prevention campaign.

“The ground over the unusually wet winter months had a high humidity content which has led to large areas of undergrowth,” explained Jose Damian Ruiz Sinoga, a Physical Geography professor at Malaga University.

“But now we are approaching a long dry period. The ground rapidly dries out and the vegetation that requires water dies.”

He added that this creates the parched conditions which spark off fires.

Junta environmental officer Remedios Martel explained that the greatest risk will be from mid June to mid August.


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