Spain stands-up to Ryanair

LAST UPDATED: 17 Jan, 2011 @ 12:45
Spain stands-up to Ryanair

SPANISH courts have ruled against the budget airline’s policy of ‘fining’ passengers for not printing their boarding passes.

A judge said aviation law states airlines must issue boarding passes and that the fine was ‘abusive.’

The case was brought by Dan Miro Garcia, a Spanish lawyer who was charged 40 euros for a boarding pass in May 2010.

Ryanair, who have imposed the fine in the UK, is to appeal against the ruling.


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  1. If only that Spanish Judge would spend as much time looking into the way that Builders/Developers/Banks shaft potential property buyers, depriving them of thousands in lost deposits, rather than worry about the 40 euro that RyanAir charge when someone can’t be bothered to print off a boarding pass.