Keep your hair on!

LAST UPDATED: 2 Mar, 2011 @ 08:55
Keep your hair on!

A SPANISH stage production of Hair is in danger of going up in smoke.

The show in Barcelona is facing stiff fines for allowing cast members to smoke on stage as part of the show.

It comes after the Public Health Agency received complaints from members of the public.

Now, the agency has sent a letter to those responsible warning them of the risks of allowing people to smoke inside the theatre.

But director Roger Peña has labelled the warning ‘odd’ and ‘ridiculous’.

“Yes the actors smoke, but not tobacco, just herbs such as basil and walnut leaves,” he explained.

“They do so because the musical takes place in the era of the hippies and they all smoked in that era.

“If we carry on like this we are going to end up banning all films in which people smoke.

“We will have to take away Humphrey Bogart’s cigarette,” he added.


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