A Hard, Merciless Light

LAST UPDATED: 24 Dec, 2011 @ 16:59
A Hard, Merciless Light

SOME of the twentieth century’s best photographers – including Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Capa – have their work on display in a stunning new exhibition.

Entitled A Hard, Merciless Light, The Worker-Photography Movement, 1926-1939, the exhibition explores how left wing worker movements across Europe drew on photos as a powerful tool.

The massive collection boasts more than a thousand images from around the world taken by both anonymous and established photographers.

In particular the final section traces the experience of the Popular Front and the Spanish Civil War, featuring work from a range of foreign photographers who managed to capture the essence of Spain at this time.

The exhibition, which is being held in Madrid’s Reina Sofia museum, will be on display until August 22.


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