Trouble in paradise on Channel 4

LAST UPDATED: 1 Apr, 2012 @ 10:52
Trouble in paradise on Channel 4

A FLY-on-the-wall documentary following British consular staff in Spain is set to air next month.

The three-part series will provide an insight into the eventful life of the consulates as they help British citizens who have been hospitalised, robbed and arrested.

Channel 4’s Our Man In… highlights the problems caused by lost and stolen passports and the costs and consequences of failing to buy holiday insurance.

It also shows staff meeting expat residents concerned about the property crisis and homeless Brits who want to go home.

“The series shows the hard work and professionalism of our staff in helping British expats and holidaymakers abroad,” said Steve Jones, British Consul in Malaga.

“We’re here to assist, and residents and tourists can find even more information on our website.”

The series, filmed last August and September, airs in March.


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