Velez Malaga estate agent arrested on fraud charges

LAST UPDATED: 27 Apr, 2012 @ 18:21
Velez Malaga estate agent arrested on fraud charges

AN estate agent in Velez Malaga has been arrested on charges of embezzlement and falsifying documents.

When tasked with transferring 18,000 euros for a property in Torre del Mar, the 58-year-old allegedly created fake receipts and pocketed the money himself.

In a separate case, he allegedly showed buyers around partially built flats, then duped them into paying 53,000 euros towards completely fictitious properties – using false names and DNI numbers for the supposed vendor.


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  1. Support Fred.
    And more; what is this small text, ‘article’ does not seem to be the right word here, supposed to present?
    You could make up similar texts randomly.
    But then again, why haven’t I thought of this before? Might be one of those…

  2. Give us a break. There are many completely honest estate agents. Yes there are a few bad apples as there are in many professions – they usually don’t last too long. There are bad apples everywhere, amongst clients as well, you will no doubt be unsurprised about that as well

  3. Support Fred 100% – corruption is rife in Spain and it’s time they woke up to that fact —- and the Spanish Justice System operates with less speed than the proverbial tortoise. Name and Shame – and if the go bust because of that well tough – he had no thought for the victim/s when he committed his crime