Mass grave unearthed in Teba

LAST UPDATED: 21 May, 2012 @ 09:32
Mass grave unearthed in Teba

IT is certainly the darkest day in Teba’s glorious history.

On February 23, 1937, 81 men and three women were taken from the town to be shot in groups of 10.

Known as the ‘Night of the 80’, little has been done to commemorate the event that took place in the town’s cemetery.

But now work has finally got underway to excavate what is believed to be Spain’s second largest civil war mass grave.

The unmarked spot – which could contain as many as 125 bodies  – is only beaten by the one at Malaga’s San Rafael Cemetery.

So far the remains of 35 people have been unearthed at the site with work expected to continue until the end of June.

The investigation, coordinated by Juan Fuentes, who is a member of the Historical Memory Association in Antequera, received a government grant following requests from local residents.

They want to identify deceased relatives and give them a proper burial.

The families will be able to decide where the remains should be buried.


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