Olympic bid

LAST UPDATED: 31 May, 2012 @ 10:27

Madrid is down to the last three cities competing to host the 2020 Olympic Games, along with Istanbul and Tokyo.


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  1. They would be mad to try. It is going to bankrupt London. Atlanta had to resort to crude commercialism to break even, but suffered the worst transport chaos ever. The olympic parks in Peking and Athens are in ruins and Greece was crippled financially. Small firms and shops in the East End of London are being driven out of business by the security ring. The official budget for London has gone from £ 3.4bn to £ 9.3bn, without anyone really bothering about it.

  2. P.M.: Correct on every point. But what was it that Barcelona did that was so right? Their Games transformed the city for the better, the place appears to be thriving. Maybe those Catalans Know something no-one else does. Perhaps someone should ask them? (Just an observation, the whole concept of the Olympics is an obvious nonsense)