Cash reward for accused ex-mayor

LAST UPDATED: 11 Jul, 2012 @ 17:21
Cash reward for accused ex-mayor

by Eloise Horsfield

A FORMER mayor has been compensated to the tune of €3,000 after being cleared of fraud and corruption charges.

The payment to former Velez Malaga boss Antonio Souviron comes after the case took so long to come to a close.

Due to procedural delays it took eight years to finally find him innocent.

He was first charged in 2001 after planning boss Sofia Villen accused him of blocking a bonus on her salary.

It was not till April 2008 however, that the former doctor, who previously taught at Malaga University, was acquitted at Malaga Court.

“The delay is excessive for this procedure,” admitted a spokesman from Spain’s General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

“Many believe there is law, but no justice,” said Souviron. “I say, justice always ends up prevailing over law.”

The €3,000 – plus interest – is negligible in comparison to the €60,000 Souviron had requested in compensation.



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