New-style Spanish practical driving tests

LAST UPDATED: 31 Dec, 2012 @ 09:29
New-style Spanish practical driving tests

NEW-STYLE practical driving tests will come into force across Spain on January 21.

The new assessment will include an ‘autonomous driving’ section of 10 minutes or so, where the ex¬aminer will give minimal instructions such as: ‘Go to the bullring via the town hall’ — and the pupil will be required to simply drive there.

Drivers will also be given the option of using a GPS system to help them during their practical test.

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  1. Perhaps it can also tell them “don’t drive 1 inch from the car in front”, “use the thing called an indicator”, “keep to your lane” etc. We live in hope.

  2. Hear hear Fred, I see so many Spanish cars with dents on both where they have been measuring the width of the road and a lot of Spanish drivers think the centre white line is a guide.

  3. It would appear that they teach them absolutely nothing about how to use a roundabout correctly or that red lights mean stop. One thing they do seem to stress is that when you put on your hazard lights then you can proceed with whatever crazy maneuver or outrageous bit of parking you so desire.

  4. Dan: they aren’t hazards, they are Spanish force-fields, behind which no harm can befall the driver. Peter: they aren’t dents, they’re duelling scars.

  5. “autonomous driving’ section of 10 minutes or so,” – or if you are in one of those little diesel toys, you have an hour and a half. There is one near me held together with Duct Tape. Windscreen included