BA in Vueling takeover

LAST UPDATED: 28 Apr, 2013 @ 08:03
BA in Vueling takeover

BARCELONA-based airline Vueling has been successfully taken over.

International Airlines Group, the parent company of British Airways and Iberia, already held a 45.85 per cent stalk of the airline.

The €123.5 million deal, which valued Vueling shares at €9.25 per share, means that IAG now holds 90.51% of the airline.


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  1. Nantes is the airport which has most flights to Spain from my side of France. And Vueling is the airline. If Ryanair have decided to fly to Barcelona from Poitiers, then that is a plus, but not much use to me for Malaga and Seville.

  2. Have just looked, Judy, and you are right, Ryanair have flights this summer to Girona Barcelona – not sure if that is the main Barcelona airport or not. I’ve previously flown to Barcelona from Nantes, but that’s not on my itinerary this year.

  3. I hope BA don’t interfere with Vueling. It’s one of the few airlines where you are not constantly bombarded with “bing bongs” and then subjected to hosties trying to sell you raffle tickets, look what we have on sale today and other inane annoying waffle.