US gives Spain €200 million to harbour military ships

LAST UPDATED: 11 Jul, 2013 @ 19:23
US gives Spain €200 million to harbour military ships

THE  US and Spain have begun negotiations on an agreement in which US military personnel and equipment would be based in Cadiz for a minimum of four years.

Worth €200 million, the deal would put the Spanish company Navantia in charge of the maintenance of the four destroyers.

The first two ships are scheduled to arrive at the Rota naval base in 2014, with two more to follow in 2015. They will be accompanied by 1,100 military personnel and their family.

This deal will provide a much-needed boost to Andalucia’s economy, and Spain is hopefully that it could lead to further deals between the countries.

The agreement is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

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  1. The English didn’t need permission. Drake simply sailed in, bashed up a few ships and sailed out again. And we certainly didn’t pay for the privilege.

  2. yeah!! that´s why you were pirates and not admirals like the USA!! Welcome to Spain people, hope you enjoy your stay as I think you will!!

  3. The destroyers are part of the missile defense shield. The original plan was to build the shield in Poland but Russia wasn’t keen on that.

  4. Ohh the socialists and spanish left just want the U.S. to send a check and not really be there.They could care less that we help fight Islamic terrorism,just send us money for all the stupid social promises they like to make. Like having the bodyguard pay for keeping their client safe?!Rota would be a wide place in the road the last 50 years if not for the naval base being there.Most of the area knows it, just letting the radical left vent their frustration!