Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy stands his ground

LAST UPDATED: 17 Jul, 2013 @ 08:34
Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy stands his ground

DESPITE pressure from political opponents, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy refuses to step down.

Rajoy has been under increased scrutiny as investigation into the PP funding scandal develops.

The scandal unraveled as Luis Barcenas went on trial earlier this week to give details of how the PP engaged in illegal cash payments to party leaders.

The prime minister’s troubles only worsened after text messages were discovered just before the trial implying that the prime minister still supported the disgraced former PP treasurer.

As inquiries into the secret cash deals continue, the situation for the Spanish government, and specifically PP leaders, seems only to worsen.


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  1. so this is news. the politicos have taken a few grand here and there.

    what happened to the BILLION eu euros that they’ve stolen. Or the baltent corruption with white elephants being built all over spain. Or green belt and national parks being destroyed – for more development, or…

    Its a distraction.