Electronic books gain popularity among beach-goers

LAST UPDATED: 24 Jul, 2013 @ 15:50
Electronic books gain popularity among beach-goers

READING has always been an overwhelmingly popular beach activity, a fact that has been consistent for years.

But while the number of people reading on beaches remains high this summer, more people than ever are using electronic readers like Kindles, Nooks, and iPads.

Many people consider it more ‘convenient’ than traditional books. Bringing one small electronic device containing a few texts down to the beach is a lot easier than carrying the books themselves.

They also take up less room in a beach bag.

Some books are now published only as ‘e-books,’ not available at all in print.

Not everyone is happy to read texts electronically, however, as many people still prefer to hold a traditional book.

Taking an electronic book to the beach is also a bit of a risk, as sand and water can be damaging.

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