The court closes on the Valencia train crash of 2006

LAST UPDATED: 19 Sep, 2013 @ 12:56
The court closes on the Valencia train crash of 2006

THE underground train crash in Valencia in 2006, that killed 43 people and injured 47 others has now been thrown out by the city court.

The Association of Victims of the July 3 Metro Crash have beenstaging demonstrations on the third day of every month in the city-centre Plaza de la Virgen, to call for the case to be reopened.

However, according to the judge, no new evidence or legal argument justifying the reopening of the case has come to light, although this verdict is open to appeal.

Survivors, and relatives of those who died in the crash on the central Line 1, which leads from Valencia North Station to the airport claimed there was a cover-up in the original investigation.

The result was that the driver, who also died, had been travelling too fast.

But accident survivors and families of the deceased said a speed-hump on the track would have prevented this and made it impossible for the train to be breaking the speed limit.

They also said the train had derailed at least once prior to crashing.

The judge said these claims had not been backed up by an independent engineering consultant.


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