Top marks for Andalucian health care

LAST UPDATED: 21 Oct, 2013 @ 11:22
Top marks for Andalucian health care

PATIENTS in Andalucia have praised the level of care offered in the region.

A study of 21,000 people found widespread satisfaction with the service provided by doctors, nurses and social workers.

The poll, conducted by the Institute for Advanced Social Studies of Andalusia, found that 95.4% of respondents would recommend their doctor.

Health centres were recommended by 93.9%, while 93.3% were satisfied with the overall service they received.

What’s more, 94.1% were satisfied with the nurses, 94.2% with family physicians, 90.7% with social workers and 89.5% with paediatricians.

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  1. I love these stories: i bet they got the same figures for Are you happy with your choice of food? Are you happy with your government compared to other countries? How about your countries energy security? Or your provencies moon landing plans…

  2. Seems to be at odds with the reent and very detailed investigation published here:


  3. The Sur in English (current edition) has a big report that seems in total odds to what is reported in this article. Unfortunately, the OP removed the link and my total reply (Jon, please educate your webmaster on correct procedures for publishing blog posts).

  4. I have just returned home from hospital having had an operation I can wholeheartedly agree with this statement. The attention I have received from the local doctor, consultant, nurses and all the hospital staff has been 100%. I know where I would rather receive health treatment and that is in SpaIN.

  5. fred you lucky man!…of late my comments have been censored/moderated to the point of i dont put anything on here now!…other than this…..if i had been offensive,etc i would understand it but there you go!!!

  6. Every ex pat I know on the costa blanca are always astounded at the health care you get in Spain.

    pg, unless you’ve been aggressive or swearing, I bet you’ve been confused as to why OP keeps removing your comments & others get to comment? Shame that you don’t contribute now.

  7. no roger! no swearing or aggression from me… i dont comment on here anymore….damn! i just have….sod it and ive just sworn…..guess i do deserve to be blackballed on here……oh my god ,have i just brought sado mas and racism into this forum??