Ghost director praises Andalucian film

LAST UPDATED: 11 Nov, 2013 @ 17:16
Ghost director praises Andalucian film

A FILM made by an Andalucian cinema society has been viewed by Ghost creator Bruce Joel Rubin.

The famed director was among the audience attending a recent screening of Hell Chess in New York.

The 29 minute short, which was shot between Campo de Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol, was directed by Jorjesus Blanco.

Rubin said: “I watched Hell Chess last night and was very touched by its poetry and spiritual message.

“The vision of the world, the wisdom, the gift of its director vision. All is exceedingly difficult to do.”

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  1. Good news. I watche dthis film. It is really strange how individuals save the common honour against the odds.
    This movie “Hell chess” can be the starting of something great.