Ronaldo and Bale firm friends

LAST UPDATED: 19 Nov, 2013 @ 16:07
Ronaldo and Bale firm friends

THEY already share the same employer, the same neighbourhood and drive the same sports car – so now the question is do Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo share the same taste in pants.

With Real Madrid ace Ronaldo recently appearing in his own brand of underwear on a 30-foot high poster in Madrid, fans will be waiting in anticipation to see if Bale follows suit.

Since the Welsh star joined the club this summer for a world record fee of €100 million he has fielded numerous questions over his similarities with Ronaldo.

The issue only heightened when pictures emerged of the two getting the same haircut from the same barber.

The hairdresser, Jose Siero, 50, visits them at their luxury Madrid homes to give them a trim.

Even if the cut cost €100, as he earns around €350,000 a week, he will have plenty of spare cash to buy a pair of Ronaldo’s recently launched CR7 pants.

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