Spanish slugs scourge on British gardens

LAST UPDATED: 12 Jan, 2015 @ 06:38
Spanish slugs scourge on British gardens

AN ARMY of destructive Spanish slugs is wreaking havoc on British gardens.

The particularly aggressive breed of slug, which is capable of destroying crops and killing wildlife, is thought to have first arrived in the country two years ago, and since then multiplied.

Scientists in Norwich have become so concerned about the invasion that they have launched a website, asking people to report sightings.

Within 10 days, there had been 18,000 visitors to the site and more than 800 submissions reporting sightings of the Spanish slugs

The Arion vulgaris breeds and eats at a faster rate than UK slugs and has much more slime on its body.

They are thought to be killing UK slugs and snails, while many hedgehogs have died after eating them and their eggs.

The Spanish slugs are so destructive they have eaten their way through gardens full of vegetable and animal crops.


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