Former Jerez mayor ordered to find €11 million in bail for corruption case

LAST UPDATED: 1 Dec, 2013 @ 18:27
Former Jerez mayor ordered to find €11 million in bail for corruption case

PROSECUTORS have asked that former Jerez mayor Pilar Sanchez face an €11.4 million bail payment over the ‘Plan E’ corruption case.

Sanchez faces three years in prison, as well as a €8.6 million fine, over accusations that she was part of an embezzlement scheme, involving between €7.6 and €8.6m.

Under Spanish law, a bail payment must be set 30% higher than the ordered fine, as a guarantee.

If Sanchez cannot find the money, the court may seize property equal to the amount owed.

Police started the investigation following complaints from the PP party in July 2011.

The city of Jerez is one of the most indebted in Spain owing over €1billion.

Last month the alleged ringleader of the plot was released on bail in Sevilla.


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  1. You know why shes smiling – shes sitting on a million euros!
    Jerez in debt for over a billion?!
    This country is out of control. It seems everyone is out for what they can get at the expense of friends, neighbours, and the country itself.
    All that’s left is nationalism.

    Unlike the movies, the crooks, thieves, and thugs are taking over.