Oil not so slick in Andalucia

LAST UPDATED: 6 Dec, 2013 @ 17:25
Oil not so slick in Andalucia

OLIVE OIL production in Andalucia will fall short of predictions due to late ripening and a lack of rain.

Weather conditions led to the harvest starting several weeks late, and left the fruit more susceptible t frost damage and producing less oil, according to farmer’s group Asaja.

The regions farmers were expected to gather 6.24 metric tons, a normal production level following a 60% drop due to drought last year.

Based on the crop, the region predicts olive oil volume of 1.31 million tons, with all of Spain producing 1.61 million tons.

“The period of drought we’re undergoing, combined with low temperatures, is already having its effect on the olive harvest,” Asaja Cordoba wrote. “The campaign will not be as big as predicted. Fewer kilos of olives are being harvested.”

The preliminary forecast has had an “immediate” effect on olive-oil prices, according to the famers.


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