Sevilla family die from food poisoning

LAST UPDATED: 16 Dec, 2013 @ 12:11
Sevilla family die from food poisoning

A MOTHER, father and one daughter have died from food poisoning in Seville.

Local government spokeswoman Miriam Burgos told state broadcaster RTVE that a 13-year-old girl was the only family member to survive, having emerged Sunday from the intensive care unit of a Seville hospital after suffering from food poisoning.

Reports say the family had accepted free food from local stores, and both parents were unemployed.

The town hall said in a statement Sunday it had ordered three days of mourning.


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  1. Very sad indeed. Although many families, are going through very hard times in Spain, I wanted to point 2 things:

    In Spain the chances to die from food poisoning at the momment are 0,01% for every 100.000,00.

    This link also starts suggesting that the causes might not be from food poisoning