Food fight in Ibi

LAST UPDATED: 3 Jan, 2014 @ 19:01
Food fight in Ibi

CITIZENS of Ibi, Alicante, have celebrated the annual Enfarinats festival by dressing in mock military uniform and pelting each other with flour, eggs and firecrackers.

The battle takes place between a group of married men called Els Enfarinats that takes control of the village for one day, pronouncing a whole host of ridiculous laws and fining the citizens that infringe them, and another group called La Oposicio, which tries to restore order.

Money collected from the fines is then donated to charitable causes in the village.

The 200-year-old event takes place every year on December 28 to coincide with the Day of the Innocents, the equivalent of April Fools’ Day, according to BBC News.


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