SEAT releases most powerful vehicle yet

LAST UPDATED: 17 Jan, 2014 @ 16:48
SEAT releases most powerful vehicle yet

SEAT is now taking orders for its new Leon Cupra 280, its most powerful vehicle to date.

The vehicle, fitted with a two litre TSi turbocharged engine, is available as a six-speed manual, or DSG semi-automatic.

Two body styles are available: the ­three-door SC and the normal five-door version (the lower powered Cupra is in SC form only).

All models are fitted with Seat’s DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) system that allows the driver to select between modes.

Performance first: the manual 265bhp models sprint to 62mph in 5.9sec and the 280bhp cars in 5.8sec. Order DSG transmission in the latter models and the time drops to 5.7sec.

Top speed in all Cupra models is limited to 155mph.


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