Twits! Police feed gives advice to drug smugglers

LAST UPDATED: 5 Feb, 2014 @ 17:02
Twits! Police feed gives advice to drug smugglers

QUESTION: What’s the best way to sneak drugs through airport security?

Answer: Just ask a policeman!

“It’s better if you’ve already rolled them and hide them where the sniffer dogs don’t detect them, cigarette packet maybe?”

It is certainly an incredible bit of advice… considering it came from the National Police’s official Twitter feed.

The feed – which has more than 700,000 followers – had been responding to a tweet by Jotdown Magazine asking: “If you’re travelling abroad and you’re carrying four joints, is it better to have them on you or in the bag you check in?”

The feed soon removed the drugs advice and then tweeted a new message.

“To avoid any confusion: possession and consumption of drugs in public places does result in fines,” it read.

The Spanish police feed is the second most followed in the world after the FBI.


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