EXCLUSIVE: Missing Andy Cunningham arrives in England safe and sound

LAST UPDATED: 8 May, 2014 @ 13:42
EXCLUSIVE: Missing Andy Cunningham arrives in England safe and sound

MISSING British tourist Andrew Cunningham has turned up safe and well in England, after disappearing from the Cadiz area in April.

UK police called in Interpol to help search for the 48-year-old, who vanished having taken out four large cash withdrawals over four days in Chiclana de la Frontera.

His family also asked Olive Press readers to help locate Andy after trying to contact him by phone, text and email without success. Derbyshire police also contacted the Olive Press for help with their investigation.

But after nearly a month, Andy and his motorhome have turned up in England, unaware that he had been reported missing.

He had been planning to make his way home when he last spoke to his parents, but while travelling through Portugal apparently his mobile phone died and he could not get it fixed.

His father Richard told the Olive Press that Andy had withdrawn the money for ‘extensive repairs to his motorhome’. They had noticed the withdrawals because Andy shares the bank account with his mother.

“I would personally like to thank all at the Olive Press for their assistance in this matter,” said Richard.

“We have also been visited by Derbyshire Police who have given Andy some ‘pointers’ for alternative ways of communication when travelling abroad.”

Derbyshire Police told the Olive Press in a statement: “Andrew Cunningham, who had been reported missing by his parents, returned home safe and well yesterday.  He was unaware that he had been reported missing.”

“Thank you very much for your support with publicity.”

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  1. So much for the police and Interpol not tracking him down.
    The motorhome should had been easily spotted,makes you think
    if the effort was there?

  2. i was going to say there are Telephones on the street and in certain public buildings in Spain
    This guy had plenty of opp to contact his relatives if he had wanted to