Nissan plant makes Barcelona a world-centre for electric vehicles

LAST UPDATED: 9 May, 2014 @ 17:00
Nissan plant makes Barcelona a world-centre for electric vehicles

JAPANESE car manufacturer Nissan has started production of new zero-emissions electric vehicles (EVs) at its Barcelona plant.

The e-NV200 vehicle – available as a light commercial van, passenger vehicle or taxi – will be shipped to countries across the globe.

Barcelona will also become the first city in the world to have electric taxis.

This follows Nissan’s €100m investment in the Barcelona plant, part of the company’s €431m Spanish operations investment.

Nissan chief planning officer Andy Palmer said: “This is a great day for the company, starting production of its second electric vehicle, and at a time when EVs are now recognised as mainstream technology.”

Nissan will initially export the e-NV200 to about 20 international markets, but plans to expand on this to support its growing electric vehicle strategy in the future.




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  1. Noteworthy that Nissan chose the hard-working, industrious Catalans for this project. Rather than their more indolent cousins further south.

  2. @Stef,

    It’s like saying Ferrari cars are not made in Italy. Most probably some parts for the Nissan are made in the south of Spain anyway.