Leading Spanish politician shot dead by ‘angry mother’ of sacked worker

LAST UPDATED: 12 May, 2014 @ 21:12
Leading Spanish politician shot dead by ‘angry mother’ of sacked worker

THE mother of a sacked employee has shot dead the president of a northern Spanish province.

The head of the provincial government in Leon, Isabel Carrasco, 59, was shot dead in broad daylight by the mother of a woman who was fired yesterday from her job in the council.

Police confirmed that she died at 5.20pm today, and that the mother and daughter have been arrested.

Her body lay on a pedestrian river bridge for some hours. She had just left the HQ of her PP political party, and was on her way to a party meeting near her home.

Spain’s ministry of the interior described it as a ‘personal revenge’, in a statement.

“Everything points to it being a personal act of vengeance unrelated to her public position,” the statement continued.

A local resident said: “She was shot when the street was full of people, and you could hear her cries. A lot of people were walking dogs.

“It sounded like fire crackers. Then I saw the attacker running away” he added.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, head of the PP party to which Ms Carrasco belonged, has cancelled engagements.

The opposition Socialist Party and other parties have also cancelled campaign events.


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  1. Why does the press not tell the true story that Isabel Carrasco had 10 jobs obtained by back handers.
    The woman that shot her had been taken to court accused by Isabel Carrasco and had a heavy fine inflicated which she could not afford to pay.