Sabinillas businesswoman shocked into silence raises more than €600

LAST UPDATED: 29 May, 2014 @ 16:10
Sabinillas businesswoman shocked into silence raises more than €600

A SABINILLAS businesswoman has raised more than €600 for Cambodian street children by keeping quiet.

Katie Wookie Gates, 36, embarked on a sponsored silence after being shocked by poverty on a recent holiday to Cambodia.

“Families flock to resort Sihanoukville because they think the streets are paved with gold,” said Katie, who has lived in Sabinillas for 11 years. “In reality, when they get there they have to send their children out to beg and they get beaten and abused. They live in horrible conditions.”

Mancunian Katie – who this year launched an expat administration business Breaking Spain – kept quiet for more than 16 hours to help them.

“It was difficult because I couldn’t explain what I was doing, so I just had a sign and bucket. Most people looked confused more than anything,” added Katie.

The money will go to local charity M’lop Tapang, which works with children and their families to help end the cycle of poverty.

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