Boris Becker saves Mallorca home from auction

LAST UPDATED: 13 Jun, 2014 @ 14:32
Boris Becker saves Mallorca home from auction

TENNIS star Boris Becker has rescued his Mallorca villa from being auctioned off with minutes to spare.

The three-time Wimbledon champion paid up the enormous bill he owed a local builder for various works on the site just in time.

The 2,900 square-metre mansion was originally confiscated by local authorities because Becker failed to pay the 391,000 for carpentry, plumbing and more.

He was told his home would be auctioned off for €7 million.

But the nine-bedroom villa was saved when Becker’s lawyer handed over the original sum, plus the fine, totaling €430,000.

Becker, now coaching Novak Djokovic, has encountered previous problems with the Mallorca courts.

In 2012,  he was questioned over unpaid gardening bills to the tune of €359,00.


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