Superman saves the day in Sabinillas

LAST UPDATED: 25 Jun, 2014 @ 17:36
Superman saves the day in Sabinillas

AN EXPAT became a true local hero when he put out a restaurant fire… in a Superman shirt.

Sabinillas resident Steve Rogerson, 28, was on his way to work when he discovered the blaze consuming Cafe Centro in the heart of the town.

Rogerson – owner of nearby Legends Bar – ran inside to grab a fire extinguisher and rushed to the rescue, clad in a T-shirt featuring the Superman emblem.

After putting out the fire, he was also able to help the police with their ensuing investigation, having reportedly seen the likely culprit – a disgruntled customer – fleeing the scene.

“I’m just happy to have helped my neighbour… and I got a free fire extinguisher out of it,” referring to the gift that the local firefighters gave him after the fire, having used his own.

As the residents of Sabinillas continue to congratulate their local Superman, friend and neighbour Anna Cockell explained that Rogerson is recognised as a neighbourhood hero for his selfless courage.

“He’s a true Superman and we are all very proud of him,” she said.


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