Alternative Alhambra: British Airways can’t spell

LAST UPDATED: 26 Jun, 2014 @ 12:04
Alternative Alhambra: British Airways can’t spell

A BRITISH couple paid €3,316 for a return trip to Granada in business class… but were shocked when the plane delivered them to the Caribbean island of Grenada.

Edward Gamson and his wife are now suing British Airways, insisting they should be compensated for failing to take them for a dream trip to the Alhambra.

The airline meanwhile has apologised but has refused to compensate the couple with a new ticket to Granada.


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  1. @Kumar – Spaniards so week (sic) in English? erhh, WHO – Mr & Mrs. Edward Gamson or British Air?
    But who didn’t read the Boarding Sign or passenger introduction on plane correctly IF Granada in Spain was said/spelled correctly?! Anyway – enjoy a great SWIM, SCUBA diving and Sail in GRENADA, and TOUR the Alhambra & Gardens in GRANADA