New holistic rehabilitation centre launching in Guadalhorce Valley

LAST UPDATED: 30 Jun, 2014 @ 12:19
New holistic rehabilitation centre launching in Guadalhorce Valley

RECOGNISE, realise, re-align. The simple mission statement of a new holistic rehabilitation programme called Recalibrate launching in Spain.

The founder, Hollie Rolla, was inspired to share her life experiences after turning her life around from what she calls a ‘brutal life or death wake up call,’ an attempted suicide that resulted in a six month coma.

After this harrowing experience, Rolla, now based in Malaga, woke up determined to ‘find inner peace’ and end her self-destructive behaviours.

Years of pouring over self-help books and travelling the world researching different healing techniques created in her a passion to help others, prompting her to found Recalibrate.

Currently undertaking a PhD in Metaphysical Science, Rolla – who lives in London – is also a member of the International College of Holistic Medicine.

Rolla’s philosophy for Recalibrate combines professional medicine knowledge with self-discovery practices in addressing negative behaviours, everything from low self-esteem to addiction.

Recalibrate sponsors a variety of workshops and even individualised rehabilitation programmes but is currently organising a four-day retreat in Jorox, in the Guadalhorce Valley, from July 16-19.

To sign up for the retreat or to learn more about Recalibrate’s philosophy, visit their website:


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