VIDEO: Planes near-miss at Barcelona airport

LAST UPDATED: 7 Jul, 2014 @ 20:07
VIDEO: Planes near-miss at Barcelona airport

THIS amazing video footage shows two planes almost colliding on a runway at El Prat airport in Barcelona.

The video, taken by aviation enthusiast Miguel Angel, has been watched more than three million times on YouTube since being published yesterday.

A Boeing 767 from Russian based airline UTair came close to hitting the Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340 which was taxiing across the runway, as it tried to land.

The UTair pilot made a last minute decision to  go around.

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  1. AENA said there was no risk “as both planes were in the place where they should be”.

    So, er, a plane is supposed to be on the runway whilst another plane also lands on it? Spanish logic in action lol.

  2. To Olive Press: I like your sites and read it every day but I am fed up with these silly posts from user “Derek”. All he does is attack one person and it is tire some. Please will you tell this person to stop posting or will you please moderate and remove these ranting and swearing comments? I think I speak for most people.

  3. A ‘near miss’ is a narrowly avoided collision that did not result in injury or damage – but came close to doing so.