New app makes driving abroad in Europe much simpler

LAST UPDATED: 8 Jul, 2014 @ 18:53
New app makes driving abroad in Europe much simpler

OVERSEAS motoring has just become safer, thanks to a new EU driving app.

The European Commission app – called ‘Going Abroad’ – provides up-to-date information about motoring laws and roads across Europe.

Available in 22 languages, the new app has come at exactly the right time for the summer holiday rush, when the road death toll is 50% higher than in February.

“It is so easy to take your car abroad, but many people don’t realise that rules and road signs differ across the EU,” said EC Vice-President Slim Kallas.

Information about speed limits, cycling laws, signs and mobile phones is all readily available.

The app also provides entertainment on long journeys, with a safety quiz and a memory game.


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