Expat group on guard for fires

LAST UPDATED: 9 Feb, 2015 @ 12:11
Expat group on guard for fires

EXPATS have set up guard over Andalucia as the summer wildfire season gets underway.

Founder Jill Leonard set up the Local Fire and Weather Watch Facebook group on the Costa del Sol in 2012, after noticing that up-to-date information was hard to find on the internet.

“I think it’s such a valuable resource,” Jill told the Olive Press. “When there’s a fire threatening your home, you want clear information, not rumour and panic. People come to us as an organised source of useful information.”

The group has already expanded to include branches for the Balearic and Canary Islands, and now boasts nearly 7,000 members in total who can share their experiences and tips online.

As well as news updates the group publishes emergency telephone numbers, advice on fire prevention and local laws on fire use.

For more information, search Local Fire and Weather Watch on Facebook.


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