Game of Thrones starlet to appear in cutting edge Spanish TV series  

LAST UPDATED: 22 Jul, 2014 @ 17:40
Game of Thrones starlet to appear in cutting edge Spanish TV series   

GAME of Thrones actress Natalia Tena is currently filming in the mountains of Madrid for her starring role in a new Spanish sci-fi series.

British-born to Spanish parents, Tena, 29, is taking on a huge responsibility by appearing in the series, called Refugiados, as it will be the first homemade fiction to appear on the La Sexta television network in three years.

The show – co-produced by Atresmedia and BBC – will be shot entirely in English and will begin and end within one eight-episode season.

However, Atresmedia’s fiction director Sonia Martinez confirms that the show will be shot with Spanish audiences in mind, both during filming and in post-production, when Spanish dubbing will likely be added.

“They are our main target,” says Martinez. “This show is more Spanish than it is British.”

Refugiados premieres in Spain this fall.

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  1. It’s necessary to have some decent acting roles under ones belt before being dignified with the term, “actress/actor”.
    Just even it up and call young guys “starlet”. The word isn’t gender specific.