Massive increase in Brits abroad drug arrests

LAST UPDATED: 24 Jul, 2014 @ 09:51
Massive increase in Brits abroad drug arrests

DRUG arrests of Britons in Spain have soared, with an incredible 68% increase on the previous year.

In total, 708 Brits have been arrested overseas on drug charges already this year – a shocking 173 of which were in Spain, according to the UK’s Foreign Office.

A worrying trend is the reported rise in the use of a party drug named ‘Cannibal’ – due to its tendency to dramatically increase aggressiveness.

It is apparently being distributed widely in parts of Spain, including the Balearics.

A British man was arrested in Magaluf, after biting beachgoers while high on the drug.

The rapid rise in drug-related arrests is due to a serious crackdown on dealers launched by police this year.

The second-largest number of drug arrests involving Britons last year was in America, with 102 cases.


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