Orlando Bloom throws punch at Justin Bieber

LAST UPDATED: 7 Aug, 2014 @ 16:41
Orlando Bloom throws punch at Justin Bieber

BRITISH actor Orlando Bloom pulled no punches when baby-faced pop idol, Justin Bieber, walked into posh Ibiza restaurant Cipriani.

The 37-year-old Lord of the Rings star, who was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio, rushed out from his corner and threw a punch at the 20-year-old teen hearthrob, which Bieber managed to dodge.

Onlookers say Bloom refused to shake Bieber’s hand as he and his entourage walked by, initiating the tense encounter. Bloom then made a beeline for the younger star, who normally doesn’t have to go looking for trouble.

Photographs of Bloom pointing and shouting have been posted on the social networks.

Sources claim the row blew up after Bieber made a lewd comment about the sexual prowess of Bloom’s estranged wife, Miranda Kerr, with whom he has a young son.

Bieber was recently photographed with the 31-year-old Australian supermodel at a Victoria’s Secret lingerie show.

But if this really is a boxing match, Bloom won Round Two this April when he was seen in Los Angeles with the Biebs’ old squeeze, Selena Gomez.

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