Free hotel for villagers opens in Benamocarra

LAST UPDATED: 8 Aug, 2014 @ 12:40
Free hotel for villagers opens in Benamocarra

A HOTEL with a difference opened in the community-minded town of Benamocarra this month.

Check in to the Hotel Cerro de Jaula and you won’t have to pay one centimo – providing you’re a local.

Probably the only establishment in Spain offering zero room rates for residents, the 1980s hotel which has been closed for over a year has just had a €35,000 facelift, paid for by the provincial government.

The Town Hall tried to convince a private company to run it for a fee of just €800 a month but, when there were no takers, officials came up with their altruistic free-for-all solution.

Locals will be able to use the council-run hotel to host social events without paying to use the facilities, the only requirement being that they clean up after themselves. That includes free use of the dining room, kitchen and 10 well-appointed bedrooms, which all have heating, air conditioning, and television.

The project is part of the wider A Town for All programme introduced by the caring council. Commented  generous-minded Mayor Abdeslam Lucena: “Councils must help people.”

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