Alicante town brings in horse-drawn ‘trash buggy’

LAST UPDATED: 9 Aug, 2014 @ 09:42
Alicante town brings in horse-drawn ‘trash buggy’

THE town of Monforte del Cid in Alicante has voted to replace its bin lorry with a horse-drawn ‘trash buggy.’

The sorry horse selected for the job, called Urtain, will be put to use in the town’s historic district, servicing 2,000 total residents.

Although the bin horse may raise fewer eyebrows in cobblestone streets, the town hall admits the motivations for change were financial.

The switch stands to cut the waste-collecting budget in half, from €400,000 to €200,000 annually.

According to Mayor Antonia Cervera, while a rubbish truck costs about €125,000, the price of a horse barely exceeds €6,000.

But just because they are horse-drawn doesn’t mean they are out-of-date.

Urtain’s cart will be fully-equipped with solar panels to power lights for night-trips and on-cart mobile devices.

And don’t worry about the horse creating more muck along the route. An on-board loo will collect the horse’s waste so he doesn’t soil the road as he goes.


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