Gibraltar offers fire aid to Algeciras

LAST UPDATED: 9 Aug, 2014 @ 09:41
Gibraltar offers fire aid to Algeciras

GIBRALTAR was quick to offer assistance after a large fire swept the countryside near Algeciras.  Chief Minister Fabian Picardo contacted Algeciras Mayor, José Ignacio Landaluce, to offer aid.

Picardo told Landaluce that Gibraltar’s thoughts were with Algecirans and that Gibraltar stood ready to help with any aspect in the process of dealing with the fire.

The Europa Press news agency in Spain picked up on the story, remarking that the offer of assistance was made despite the present state of relations, which it described as ‘tense’.

Picardo commented: “In moments of danger and threats of injury, death or material loss, we must be there for each other, however harshly we have been treated, or felt we have been treated by some, in recent months.”

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  1. Funny no one has commented on the act of friendliness, by the Gibraltar Government, when if you read other blogs, Gibraltar should be confined to the deep deep ocean