Socialist culture secretary hits out at new taxes

LAST UPDATED: 11 Aug, 2014 @ 16:31
Socialist culture secretary hits out at new taxes

THE Socialist party’s culture secretary Iban Garcia del Blanco has openly denounced the new tax measures for Spain’s culture sector.

Describing them as ‘ineffective,’ Garcia del Blanco says that these new measures are a perfect example of the Rajoy government’s continued ‘ignorance’ of the ‘real needs of the culture sector’.

Even though they intend to ‘patch up’ deficits in the film industry, the PSOE believes the new measures fail to offset the recent spike in VAT that Rajoy put into place early this year, a change that has hit the culture sector hard.

Garcia del Blanco, 37, is furious about the slight to Spain’s art industry, which he points out represents 3.5% of the country’s GDP and generates over 60,000 jobs.


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