Merkel and Rajoy to walk the Camino de Santiago

LAST UPDATED: 13 May, 2015 @ 17:55
Merkel and Rajoy to walk the Camino de Santiago

GERMAN chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing to take on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage next week.

And none other than Spanish Prime minister Mariano Rajoy will be joining her for the – albeit short – 5 kilometre trek to Santiago.

But instead of finding inner peace or a new outlook on life, the European leaders will be sitting down to a political meeting upon reaching their destination.

Rajoy, who is a regular jogger and was actually born in Santiago, is interrupting his summer break for the meeting.

But it won’t be easy keeping up with Merkel, 60, who is a keen hiker and holidays in the Alps every summer.


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