H&M launch of Spanish online store could be bad news for Zara

LAST UPDATED: 22 Aug, 2014 @ 12:26
H&M launch of Spanish online store could be bad news for Zara

MOVE aside, Zara. Swedish clothing brand H&M has just launched a Spanish retail site to rival the  brand.

Not only does the fashion giant stand to give Zara a run for its money on clothing, but the site features a home decor – H&M Home – which will challenge the similar Zara site, Zara Home.

But H&M has even broader horizontes than España: by the end of 2015, the company plans to open sites in eight to 10 markets globally, including Italy and China, where Zara already has opened online retail.

H&M’s competitive prices have contributed to its increased popularity, especially in Spain, where unemployment limits consumers’ spending power.


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  1. Finally! Zara will follow and all is rosy as long as the retailers get their supply chain sorted with adequate conditions for the clothes makers of course… Offline, it’s still an opportune time for new young labels and old to use the empty shops in Madrid to give us the choice we really want.