Malaga residents to vote on banning bullfights

LAST UPDATED: 15 Feb, 2015 @ 19:17
Malaga residents to vote on banning bullfights

BANNING bullfights in Malaga will be put to the province’s citizens in a referendum in the new year.

Mayoral candidate for the opposition, Javier Checa – representing the Andalucian Party of Malaga – will hold the vote on January 11 at the Calle Pedro Gomez Chaix, where Malaga resident’s will be asked to vote ‘in favour’ or ‘against’ bullfights in the province.

If the result of the referendum shows a will of majority to ban bullfights, Checa has pledged to prohibit the shows taking place, if he is voted into the capital’s government in the May 2015 elections.

He said: “For the first time one political party takes the pulse of Andalucian society to hear their opinion about the national feast and find out if the majority wants to end centuries of animal torture.”

Checa has a reputation for ambitious projects after attempting to paint 300 houses pink and create a park designated for outdoor sex and ‘cruising’ in the Axarquia settlement of Moclinejo in 2011.

The subject of bullfighting has been widely debated across Spain and has been banned in Barcelona since January 2012.







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  1. Be interesting to see how such a referendum turned out. I imagine a majority would be in favour of stopping these events, yet out of those, how many would bother turning up to vote?

  2. What’s up Ed? Don’t you like the colour pink? There were no complaints when they painted Juzgar blue. Is that more your shade? One law for Smurfs and another for sexual freedom eh?

  3. In a straight down-the-line vote, I’m sure most people who support bullfights (but at least, it might get the Brits to actually bother to register to vote… which wouldn’t be a bad thing).