Lady Gaga nearly takes a tumble on bike ride in Marbella

LAST UPDATED: 15 Jan, 2015 @ 16:40
Lady Gaga nearly takes a tumble on bike ride in Marbella

LADY Gaga has been spotted going incognito in Marbella.

The diminutive Pokerface star enjoyed a rare day off from her artRave world tour to take a bike ride through the resort.

But the 28-year-old did seem reluctant to leave the town, as she went on to post a series of photos on Instagram.

“Goodbye Marbella, your beautiful oceans, sunshine and friendliness has rejuvenated me,” read one caption.

Rather than the outlandish outfits for which she has become famous, Gaga opted for a black crop top and leggings, with a simple bun and silver-rimmed sunglasses.

One of the pictures shows a hairy moment as she dismounted from her sky-blue bike, as a security guard had to rush to her rescue to stop her taking a tumble.

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