Marbella set for ‘greener’ elections

Marbella Council set to replace poster campaigns with electronic boards for this year's regional and local elections

LAST UPDATED: 30 Jan, 2015 @ 12:56

PostersELECTION year usually means one thing… a barrage of campaign posters, unwanted stickers and leaflets littered all over the place.

But if Marbella Council has its way that may not be the case this year.

In the run up to the local and regional elections Marbella Council is launching measures to ban political posters in a bid to run a ‘cleaner and greener’ election.

Instead of the traditional paper trail, the town hall has proposed the installation of 15 electronic advertising boards to be shared between opposition parties.

Marbella councillor Alicia Jimenez said that the elections are a great way to demonstrate ‘an environmental conscious’.

The council had originally proposed the installation for the local elections on May 24 but are now also planning to roll out the electronic boards for the Andalucian regional elections, called by Susana Diaz last week for March 22.

A ‘green phone-app’ is also being devised to prove Marbella is a ‘smart city’. The app will allow voters to locate their nearest polling station and find the quickest route of how to get there.


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